Preliminaries for International Poland Powerboating Championships
Józefa Kowalkiewicz Memorial in classes O-125, GT-30 and GT-15
International competition in class R-1000


Żnin, 23-25 June 2017


1. Organizer

1.1. „Baszta” Sports Fun Association in Żnin authorized by the Polish Powerboating and Water Ski Association in Warsaw is the organizer for International Powerboating Competition.

1.2. Co-organizers:

Polish Powerboat and Water Ski Association in Warsaw

             Mayor of Żnin

             Staroste of Żnin

             Marshal of Kujawsko-Pomorskie

             City Sports Center in Żnin

             Pałuki Aquatic Volunteer Emergency Corps

Żnin Cultural Center

2. Date and place of the competition

2.1. The competition will be organized from 23 to 25 June 2017 according to the UIM’s calendar and the calendar for the Poland Powerboating Championship 2017 on Jezioro Żnińskie Małe.


3. Series and classes

3.1. OSY-400  – Europe Championships

3.2.  S-550 – Europe Championships

3.3. O-125, GT-30, GT-15 – preliminaries for International Poland  Powerboating Championships 2017

3.4. R-1000 – international competition

4. Competition route

4.1. The competition route will be a closed circuit designed according to the plan attached.

4.2. The route circuit is 1500 m.

4.3. Classes, distances and the number of laps:

OSY-400    7500 m    5 laps of 1500 m

S-550       12000 m    8 laps of 1500 m

O-125         9000 m    6 laps of 1500 m

GT-30      12000 m     8 laps of 1500 m

GT-15         6400 m    8 laps of   800 m

R-1000    12000 m     8 laps of 1500 m

5.  Races

5.1. Races will take place according to the UIM Rules, Poland Powerboating Championship Rules and the Rules specified in this document.

5.2.   Europe championships will have 4 laps in classes OSY-400 and S-550.

5.3.   Other classes will have 3 laps.

5.4.   All races will have one safety lap when crossing the finish line.

5.5.  The driver who does not do the safety lap and does not react to the closing signal will be disqualified.

5.6.  According to the art. 311.02 of the UIM Rules the run which is stopped will be repeated once, despite the final one which can be restarted in case it was stopped before completing 35% laps required.

6. Start

6.1. Start stopped from the jetty will be signalled with lights according to the art. 307 of UIM Rules.

6.2. There are 14 starting points for the drivers guaranteed by the Organizer.

6.3. The driver which is late on the start which did not managed to commence the lap before the red light appears again is obliged to wait till the moment the other drivers pass the starting platform and the Judge standing on the jetty gives a signal to join the race on the lap specified.

6.4.  Time limit for the drivers who are late on the start and the finish lines is specified in the art. 305.03 of the UIM Rules.

6.5.   2 mechanics can assist the driver on the jetty.

7. Classification

7.1.  The driver will be disqualified in case he does at least 75% of the route of the lap and the white and black checked flag or the red flag appears after the minimum number of laps is completed by the first driver, art. 317.02.

7.2.  Three out of four best results will be taken into consideration for each driver for the final classification in classes OSY-400 and A-550 in the Europe championship.

7.3.  All three results will be taken into consideration for the final classification in other classes.

8. Qualifying runs

8.1.  According to the art. 305.04 of the UIM Rules in case of bigger number of drivers taking part in the race for one class, (14) places for one class, there will be qualification heats implemented on the shorter distance (3 laps).

8.2.  The drivers registered will be divided into two groups according to the time results achieved during the training.

8.3.  The best five drivers from each qualifying heat will be promotoed directly to the final heat.

8.4.  The drivers who do not take the position which guarantee participation in the final heat will compete in the repechage. The four best ones will be promotoed.

8.5.  In case there are at minimum 20 drivers for the Europe championship in class OSY-400 the drivers who are not qualified in the A final will take part in the B final for the Mayor of Żnin Cup. This will consist of three laps added to the final qualification.

9. Notifications and participation

9.1.  Notifications in a form available on or on the document attached , confirmed by the National Federation have to be sent by post , email or fax to the following address:



ul. Gnieźnieńska 7

88-400 ŻNIN



Telephone: 048 52 30 20 705

Fax: 048 52 30 20 118


e-mail: [email protected]



        by 17.06.2017 (the final date is the date when the Organizer receives the application).


9.2.   The notification signed by the driver is treated as an approval of the powerboating races Rules – Żnin 2017.

9.3.   Drivers are requested to send their photographs and information to the email address provided. They will be used for the presentation of the materials concerning the race and during the race opening ceremony.

9.4.   Notifications sent after the deadline will not be included in the programme published and the press information.

9.5.   The drivers taking part in all classes participate in the race at own cost.

9.6.   The drivers are not obliged to pay the joining fee.

9.7.   Clubs and national federations are requested to provide to the race office email addresses to which the official results for the race will be sent.

10. Drivers briefing

10.1. Drivers briefing implemented by the UIM Commissioner will take place in DEPO before the training according to the minute programme.

10.2. All drivers are obliged to be present during the briefing.

10.3. Members of the International Jury Committee are obliged to  be present in the briefing (art. UIM 402.01.1).

11. Scrutinizing

11.1. Scrutinizing will take place in the pit area (DEPO) on 23 June 2017 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on 24 June 2017 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. ­

11.2. All elements of the equipment have to fulfill the requirements specified by UIM and the documentation for engines with homologation during the scrutinizing.

11.3. Technical commission will check weights of the boats and measure engine noise levels.

12. Trainings

12.1. Trainings will take place only on the route of the competition after the scrutinizing of the equipment according to the schedule.

12.2. The driver can leave the jetty during the training only through the safety zone.

12.3. Willfully usage of the boat on the water for a different purpose than the shcedule or breaking the rule 12.1 will result in disqualification from the competition.

12.4.Time will be measured during the training on 24 June 2017. Each driver is obliged to do at minimum two full laps.

12.5.The results achieved will be used to make start list positions from the first heat to qualification heats.

12.6.The technical training for boats with defects will be possible on 25 June 2017 after the consultation with the Main Judge.

12.7. The lake will be closed for any watercraft from 23 June 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 25 June 2017 to 6:00 p.m.

13. Pit area – DEPO

13.1. The pit area will be guarded from 23 June 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 25 June 2017 till 6:00 p.m.

13.2. Nobody, including the drivers and the mechanics, is allowed to stay at night and during the opening and closing ceremonies in the pit area.

13.3. Boats can be located only on the places specified by the staff from the pit area, according to the division into classes and positions.

13.4. The drivers, mechanics (over the age of 16) and the staff with the identifiers issued by the Organizer are the only ones who are allowed to enter the pit area.

13.5. It is forbiddent to set up fire in the pit area. Smoking is allowed only in the separated place.

13.6. Each of the drivers is obliged to keep the area near the boat clean.

13.7. It is obligatory to leave immediately the pit area after the horn alarm signal.

13.8. It is forbiddent to park vehicles in the pit area.

13.9. It is forbidden to sleep in the pit area.

14. Opening and closing ceremonies

14.1.The opening ceremony will take place on 23 June 2017 at 10:00 p.m. The national teams will start marching from DEPO at 7:5 p.m.

14.2.The closing ceemony will take place on 25 June 2017 at 3:00 p.m.

14.3.It is exalted duty of all drivers, mechanics and team members to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies.

15. Use of the crane

15.1. Launching boats from/ to water by the crane will be implemented for classes S-550, GT-30 and R-1000.

15.2. Boats intended to be craned must be equipped with slings and hooks.

15.3. Crane operations can be implemented only at the presence of the driver and at his responsibility.

15.4. It is forbidden to stay on the boat and nearby the crane while it is working.

16. Environment protection (art. 700 UIM)

16.1. Each driver is obliged to protect natural environment.

16.2. The driver is obliged to use a protection against pollution under the engine standing in the pit area.

16.3. Waste and used oli have to be put in the containers located in the pit area.

16.4. Permissible engine loudness during the competition – art. 505 of the UIM Rules.

16.5.The organizer will fulfill all recommendations specified in the art. 704 of the UIM Rules

17. Minimum age limit

17.1. Minimum age limit for the drivers in classes OSY-400, S-550 and O-125 is 16 years and in the class GT-30 – 14 years.

17.2. Minimum age limit for the drivers in the class GT-15 is 10 years, maximum – 16 years.

18. Prizes

18.1. Three best drivers in the Europe Championship in classes OSY-400 and S-550 will be given medals and cups while the drivers from place 4 to place 6 will get cups.

18.2. In other classes the first three places will be awarded with cups.

19. Jury

19.1.People appointed to be members of the Jury are obliged to submit their appointments granted by their National Representatives to the Race Office on 23 June 2017 till 7:00 p.m. The members of the International Jury are obliged to participate in the meetings with the Main Judge and the UIM Commissioner of the UIM.

20. Insurance

20.1.Each driver is obliged to have an civil liability insurance policy for the races which has to amount to 125,000.00 PLN and pay a contribution of 100 PLN. The policy does not include equipment losses.

20.2.The organizer will require an accidence insurance and medical treatment costs in Poland issued in Polish or in English confirmed by the insurance company.

20.3. It is possible to buy an accident policy and medical treatment policy in the race office.

20.4.Members of the national team insured by the Polish Powerboat and Water Ski Association under condition they can present their civil liability policies at the minimum amout specified in point 20.1 will be released from the obligation listed in point 20.1.

21. Protests

21.1.Protests will be accepted only in writing in Polish or in English in the race office according to the procedure specified in art. 401-404 of the UIM Rules.

21.2. The fee for the protest amounts to 300 PLN or 75 €.

22. Administration

22.1.The reception and the race office will be located at Stanica WOPR at Szkolna12.

22.2. The reception will be opened :

  • 23 June 2017 – from 12:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • 24 June 2017 – from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

22.3. Current information, results and media report from the races will be provided on:

23. Fuel

23.1. Drivers in classes OSY, S and GT will use petrol bought in the ORLEN petrol station at Sienkiewicza 3 in Żnin only.

23.2. Each driver of class OSY, S and GT has to buy a proper amount of fuel and present the invoice or the receipt to the Jury.

23.3. The petrol station provides gasoline fuel rated 98 RON.

23.4. Technical specification for the fule will be available in the petrol station and at the Organizer.

23.5. The predicted price for the fuel amounts approximately 6.00 PLN.

24. Advertising

24.1.The drivers taking part in the competition are allowed to put own flags or boards of their sponsors only near their boats.

24.2. All places for advertisements, inluding the observation deck, the coast, masts etc. are provided for the sponsors and companies supporting the races.

25. Final regulations

25.1.The Organizer reserves the right to implement changes in the Rules which will be announced at latest during the briefing in a special Notice in writing.

25.2.The Medical Commissioner reserves the right to implement medical control for all drivers at any moment during the competition according to art. 205.02 of the UIM Rules.

25.3. The Jury will implement alcohol tests according to art. 205.02.02 of the UIM Rules..

25.4. The Organizer will charge a fee of 400 PLN (or 100 EUR ) for a damaged buoy according to art. 202.02.27of the UIM Rules.

25.5. Each driver taking part in the powerboating races is obliged to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies.

25.6. The Organizer will not book overnight stays.